Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Here I am!!!

Like most of you bloggers I have been thinking of having a blog of my own but things never happened, I am a huge fan of food blogs and believe me my day at work starts with opening up a food blog just reading all the enthusiastic cooks have to offer. what a way to start the day!! I simply love it. Well, then I thought to myself one day why don’t I try jumping in the wagon of food blogging and here I am!!!

Me: Basically a South Indian Konkani brought up in Karnataka. All throughout my childhood and growing up days I have been having varieties of food, not forgetting to mention like all mothers my mother too is an excellent cook. She is known amongst our family and friends for her fastness and creativity to churn out delicacies with whatever she has in her pantry. She can make best out of waste. I have never seen her wasting any of the food at home and I think at times I have acquired most of her traits though I wont claim that I am as famous as her amongst our circles.

I personally feel that the art and interest of cooking develops within the surroundings that one tries their hand, for instance irrespective of the taste of dishes ,my dad always appreciated my mom for her efforts to trying out new dishes and made a point that we (myself & sister) and him ate what she made…..but I also remember his funny comment, he used to say “This was an excellent dish but please don’t make it next time” That’ mom and dad!!
Well, I am lucky in that way too, since hubby dear has always been my experimental scapegoat, of course with occasional “Oh!! No not again typa thing!!!I love him when he does that!!! ;)

I would not want to limit my blog to Konkani food alone, Please be ready to see recipes from all over sliced and diced to my whims and fancies. Before I get into putting down my recipes I must confess that I am not a creative thinker… Hence please bear with me if my thoughts are not in order. I like to write(type) as I think…
I would like to share all good and bad experiences of my culinary journey with you fellow bloggers .